About Us

Who Are We?

Hengwei smart technology is working on providing the simplest fiscal integration solutions for everyone who needs to customize their billing system for the local tax compliance regulation. We can give you both hardware and software products that will make it easy to issue legal fiscal invoices without too much cost and integration work. Our client can always find their suitable solution here such as Fiscal Middleware, Sale Data Controller, Fiscal Cash Register, as well as other modern fiscal solutions.

Why Us?

We have 10 years of fiscalization experience in many regions like Asia, Africa, and LAC, professional on providing customized fiscal solutions for both the governments and taxpayers. In September 2017, Our first Fiscal Cash Register was approved by ZRA (Zambia Revenue Authority) for issuing tax invoices with fiscal code, digital signature and online reporting functions. As the first SDC (Sale Data Controller) Vendor that got accreditation from FRCS(Fiji Revenue & Customs Service) in Jan 2018, we worked together with DTI (Data Technology International) for the successful implementation of E-SDC solution. Based on the successful experiences in Fiji SDC, we recommended the SDC solution to ZRA to solve the invoicing issues on the existing POS system. we renamed the SDC by ESD(Electronic Signature Device) and customized the firmware to comply with Zambia invoice standards. In August 2020, we got E-SDC accreditation from Samoa MCR (Ministry of Customs & Revenue) by following DTI fiscalization standards. almost no customization work on the SDC firmware.
We believe that the new fiscalization in Serbia now will be easy for us to follow because that this project adopted DTI standards which are very similar to our previous experiences. So We have the most competitive capability to provide mature solutions for taxpayers in Serbia.