Fiscal Middleware


The Fiscal Middleware is a PC-based software for issuing fiscal invoices. It is the cheapest solution for users who are using PC based POS system and want to complete the fiscal integration fast at a low cost.

The fiscal middleware starts a fiscal service on the user’s PC with simplified protocols for POS system to request invoice signing and tax rates synchronization. Besides that, fiscal middleware contains an interface with the issued Secure Element to handle the required invoice digital signature, audit processing, credential authentication and PKI-based HTTPS communication. The last and the most important work that Fiscal Middleware will do is to execute the fiscalizaiton of normal transaction data by adding fiscal features like unique invoice ID, digital signature, standard tax amount, unified issuing time, fiscal checksum and a QR code for verification.

The fiscal Middleware software will use PC hard disk to save the fiscalized invoices data for security during the offline status caused by network connection failure. while it will upload these offline invoices for the remote audit once the network connection recovers.


Sale Data Controller


The SDC(Sale Data Controller) is a hardware device that posses the same functions as fiscal middleware described above. it replace the virtual port with physical (serial & Ethernet) for POS system to request invoice signing. Based on the stable embedded ARM system inside, SDC is more reliable than the pure software solution.

The SDC provides special fiscal memory for offline invoices storage that can prevent the data loss caused by windows breakdown in the fiscal middleware solution. For users who care about high availability, SDC will be the best solution for fiscal integration.
In addition, one SDC can be shared with up to three POS terminals for request invoice signing. Also, you can get a set of SDCs together in your data center, then use them as a centralized fiscal server for all your POS terminals in a shop



All In One POS


If you don’t want to spend any time on the fiscal integration work on your existing fiscal cash register, you should choose our All-In-One POS for easy billing experiences.
To simplified the fiscalizaton process, we offer All-in-one POS solutions for users who don’t have complex POS systems to customize or users who get used to operating on the traditional cash register. It is an independent system that contains both the POS and SDC functions inside. You can easily issue a fiscal invoice in 3 minutes following the simple user manual without any computer technology.
We can provide two types of All-In-One POS: The low-end Linux-based model and the high-end Android-based model. You can select the cost-efficient low-end model to meet your minimum requirements. Aslo, the high-end model will give you a friendly user interface and a more convenient experience